The Movements from the Movement
I have put out 2 albums so far. I once had a plan to put out 5 albums over 8 years. So far, I am 6 years in and I've done 2 albums. I don't think I'll make it in time, but never mind, because we're "here for a long time..."
Late Night Shopping
LNS album Late Night Shopping is the latest album. It was recorded mostly in 2003. It hasn't really been released, but I sell it at gigs and you can buy it at Laughing Outlaw Records because I live practically next door to them, and you can buy it from my website.
1/ The Octopus Lovesong (1.2Mb)
2/ Late Night Shopping (4.2 Mb)
3/ Cupid (3.6 Mb)
4/ If You Can't See My Mirrors (4.9 Mb)
5/ My Brother Is A Soundman (3.4 Mb)
6/ Thank God (3.7 Mb)
7/ It Started With A Voucher (2.9 Mb)
8/ Lonely Lucy (3.2 Mb)
9/ Where's My Oscar? (5.1 Mb)
10/ Murray McKenny (3.5 Mb)
11/ Just Like My Dad (4.1 Mb)
12/ Internet Lovesong (3.3 Mb)
Rubbish Day on Cromwell Street
LNS album

Rubbish Day on Cromwell Street is the first album. It wasn't very good.

Despite the 'not very goodness' of the album, I have sold all 500 copies that I got done so you can't buy it. Who would have thought hey?... I've added some MP3s for Rubbish Day. Enjoy!

1/ One and a half out of three ain't bad (2.6 Mb)
2/ Change of Heart (4.7Mb)
3/ Key of H (4.2 Mb)
4/ Whiplash (3.2 Mb)
5/ Aunty Elsie's Song (5.1 Mb)
6/ Worth Eternally (5.4 Mb)
7/ Shooting Star (5.3 Mb)
8/ Taxpack 2000 (2.9 Mb)